A WONderful Day!!!!

I can finally share my AWESOME news.....

Scroll down on this page and check out the last entry. Recognize anyone???

I am SOOO pumped!!!! Can you say... "shopping spree baby"???

Thanks for sharing my joy!

My Summer Highlights

This summer has been wonderful to say the least! We had so many wonderful things happen that I just thought I'd share my 3 favourite moments.

First and foremost..... Todd and I got married! I was the best day ever and I couldn't have asked for a better day. I love him so much and I just hope he knows just how much he means to me!
Celebrating my son's second birthday (twice) was a blast! Not only did my parents and sister spoil him rotten at party a few days before his actual birthday but he also got a mini party celebrating at home with Mommy & Daddy. Look at that chocolatey face????

Summer is the best time for family time for us. We love to spend our time at the beach. Thank goodness we have a number of them close by. I love watch the boys frolic in the lake!

Thanks for sharing a few of the special moments in my summer!

Cool New Site!

So one my newest scrappy friends has been telling us all about this new Scrappy challenges site called Category Stories. It's soon to start and I just thought I would share it all with you!

So.... check it out soon! It's sure to be VERY interesting!!!

Scrappy Annoucement!!!

Yup.... I was asked to be a guest designer over at Scrapperie! I just can't say enough about the sweet and talented ladies there! I am SO super excited to being joining the team once between now and December! Woohoo!!!

Okay.... on to some more scrappy stuff!!

I am a scrap magazine addict! Yup.... an addict! I sware, if you saw all the mags that are stacked in the bathroom shelf you be amazed to see that they're ALL scrap related!!!! I'd have to say my favourites are the 2 Canadian mags... "Scrapbook and Cards Today" and "Canadian Scrapbooker". It's so cool to know that Canadians are publishing such wonderful magazine especially showcasing our native Canadian talent here!

Have a wonderful day!

I can dream can't I?

I currently have a pretty good camera but there's always the day when you dream of an upgrade.

If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would invest in a extremely high grade model with an array of wonderful lens! Sometimes you just need to get just a *little* closer.... you know?

For now, an upgrade to a 10 mexa pixel and a lens that will do incredible macro would be my dream..... and then a class to know how to use it properly. Now, THAT'S my dream camera!

What's your dream camera?

It's Official!

Yup... we're officially married!

We had the most perfect day to actually get married.... slightly overcast, cooler and not rainy!

We got lots of pictures taken and had a beautiful and simple ceremony! Our dinner was super yummy and I think everyone had a good time.

Todd and I had a nice weekend together alone while our son stayed at my parents house.

We're now looking forward to our honeymoon in the Dominican come November!

Here's a picture of us taken by Heidi Brand, my sister-in-law.

Wow! Only 2 Days Left!!

Yup... only two full days left until Todd and I get married! I couldn't be happier!

It's only a matter of hours before I pack up Spencer's and my stuff to travel to my parent's house to spend my last days as a single person!

I never thought I would be as emotional as I am.

I keep picturing those last few steps down the aisle of the small, all-wood church and picturing Todd's face. I just simply can't believe I get to marry someone that I love SO very deeply! I get to stand beside him, look into his eyes, hold his hands and pledge my unending love to my best friend in the whole wide world.

I truly and honestly think that I was SUPPOSED to meet this man... yes... THIS particular man. To spend the rest of life with... to laugh with... to cry with... to share a family with.... to have fun with... to grow old with... to joke with... and to love forever! I am SO lucky!

Thanks for all your support as I enter this new part of my life! (((hugs)))

Blog Candy!!!

A fellow scrappy blogger is offering a RAK on her blog. She's just posted her 100th post!!!

Go on over to Mom-on-the-Run's blog and tell them "Allison Cope" sent you!

Good luck everyone!!!

Vroom! Vroom!

Today we decided to visit our local annual Car Show just up the road from us!

We saw some incredible cars, trucks and other interesting vehicles!

Here are some of my favs....

School Days!

Since school time is here, we were asked on Scrapperie to blog about our memories of school... from any age.

I loved school as a kid! Especially the first day of school. We lived out in the country so matter what we always had to have a ride to school by either bus or car.

I remember one wintery morning we had had some ice rain the night before so the driveway was rather slippery. I remember, quite vividly infact, slip sliding down the entire laneway and falling numerous times. The bus was waiting at the end so everyone on the bus watched me as I struggled to get there! I was SO embarressed!!! The joys of being a kid!

Getting Motivated!

I admit it... I am extremely over weight. I need to do some about it! I need some kind of motivator to get myself to eat smaller portions and to get active! I just can't seem to do that for myself but I know if I don't and don't start it soon, it's truly going to impact my health for the long term!

I wish I lived in a town. Then we would have sidewalks and walking would be much, much easier. Living out in the boondocks and only having sloped gravel shoulders on the road does not make for easy walks.

I love going to the park to walk on the trails there but driving 30 mins to go for a walk is a waste of gas in my mind!

I wish I had some friends who lived close by to be able to call up and say "Wanna go for a wak tonight?". Maybe then I would actually get off this addictive computer and get active!

I know! I know! Excuses! Excuses! I always seem to find some other thing on the computer or at my scrap desk to preoccupy my time or grab my attention.

I want to be a better Mom. A healthier Mom. A more attentive Mom. A less frustrated Mom. And I know feeling better will only help that process.

Someone give me a swift kick in the tushie.... would ya???? Please??????

A Scrappy Slump

What do I do when I'm in a scrappy slump you say? Well I tend to pull out my scrap magazines and needless to say I have a *few*! Hardy-har-har-har!

I love flipping through the pages and being able to get up close and read all about the details. I love seeing all the detail that people add to their pages.

I also tend to wander about my on-line scrap galleries! There are so many wonder and very talented scrappers out there, that I know I'm liable to come accross a page or two to get my mojo going!

What do you do to get your scrappy mojo rolling?

The Summer's Coolest Chick Contest

Come and check out the summer's COOLEST SECRET....

Come and visit Creative Crafts and Stickers for the summer's HOTTEST contest. Come and create some scrap pages, meet some new friends and win some prizes!!

Contest begins on Monday August 13th. Contest sign ups will be held up until Sunday August 12th at 12 noon EST.

In order to enter, you must sign up to be a member of the Creative Crafts and Stickers message board with a minimum of 25 posts (not including game posts) by the start of the contest.

Random prize draws will be done every week for all participants and our last COOL CHICK standing will WIN BIG!!!!

A BONUS prize drawing will be held for all of those who sign up before Tuesday August 7th. So come and sign up early for LOTS of fun!

To find out more details about this COOL contest, check us out at creativecraftsandstickers.com.

Why Do I Blog?

Why do I blog you ask?

I do it to share my life and my creations with all of you! I enjoying posting my work and hope to someday make something out of my creativiness.

Why do you blog?

Psssttttt.... I have a SECRET!!

We have something BIG brewing soon at Creative Crafts and Stickers!

Stay tuned!!!!

Long Weekend Plans

We are fortunate this weekend here in Canada that it's a 3 day weekend! So I get to spend lots of time with my two guys!

We have no specific plans at the moment for Saturday or Sunday but I'm sure we'll be visiting a beach or two!

Monday's going to be SUPER fun! My sister-in-law and my nephew will be meeting us for a "engagement photo shot". I can't wait to see what she comes up with for us! She's always so creative and her photos have amazing outcomes!

The boys and I had a nice dinner and a swim at the beach yesterday. Here are a few of my favourite shots of them....

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