WIN Some Stamps!!!!!!

Wanna WIN some cool new stamps?????

Check out the brand spanking NEW blog for my Stamp BOX today for your chance to win this "not even released" set of cool clear acrylic stamps called "Oval Office"!

Make sure you read all the details because you can enter TWICE! See the contest details here. Contest is open until March 31st. THREE lucky people will win a set for themselves!

Good luck and stay tuned to the my Stamp BOX blog for loads of cool inspiration!



Karen L said...

Woo hoo! I just went over there and entered! So is this going to be a blog in addition to this one, or instead of??

Karen L said...

Woo hoo! I just went over and entered. So is this new blog in addition to this blog or instead of??

ALLY said...

No Karen... this has nothing to with MY blog candy for February. Please read the information carefully.

Jessica said...

off to check it out!