Chibitronics ~ Merry Jeep-mas!

Happy Monday everyone!  You probably don't know this but I'm a BIG Jeep lover!  My husband and I BOTH have Jeep Wranglers.  A his ('08) and hers ('16) matching set!  My husband's is Rumbler and Mine is White Widow - both are decaled this way now.  Mine is all stock still but my husband's is lifted and has a V8 Vortex engine in it!

Having a Jeep has put us in touch with a lot of cool people and has allowed us to make fast friends in our local community as we are part of a local off-roading club.  I mean it's a lifestyle and a fun one!

So I met a fellow "Jeeple" on Instagram and she has a yellow '08 Wrangler (my husband really wanted a yellow Jeep!) and I thought I would send her a very special Christmas card this year... a LIGHT UP card!

To create this card I stamped two Jeep images from the Joy Clair Designs stamp set. Both on the same shape of paper and in the exact same place.  This makes positioning your lights so much easier!

To see the entire coloring process of this card, see my video HERE.

Next I picked the position of my switch which is also the position of my battery housing, just underneath the word "Jeep" on my front panel.

This is the layout of my circuit...   

I used Copper Tape and our fun LED White Light Stickers from Chibitronics to complete my circuit.  To create a connection on top of my battery, I used a piece of the black Pressure Sensitive Plastic to complete my circuit.

I built a very simple battery housing for my 3V battery.  It allows you to pull it out and replace or remove the battery from the card.  I used a single layer of foam tape to create this little battery housing.

Here is my card with all of its doubled up foam tape in place.  The doubled up foam tape allows me to hide the battery housing as it is quite thick.

For the entire VIDEO of how I created this card, please click the image below.

I hope you'll take a few moments and check out how easily this card came together!

Have a great week everyone!

~ Ally ~

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