Chibitronics ~ Light 'em Up Goldie!

Today I’m sharing my latest light up card featuring products from Chibitronics.

Today we’re going we are going to light up card featuring the FADE "Craft Effects Circuit Sticker" and some fun Orange LED Light Stickers. We offer a variety of other Animating Sticker types like our Rainbow Fade and White Blink LED Light Stickers but in this case I wanted to use some orange lights so we needed our Fade Craft Effects Sticker to do the job.

I began today's card by stamping and coloring in the front panel of my card. This card features the adorable images of the "Goldie" stamp set by Sweet November Stamps. The panel is colored in using Distress Oxide inks and Copic Markers.

When stamping my front panel, I also stamped the location of the 3 goldfish to my circuit building panel. This will help me with the location of each LED sticker for my circuit.

Next I traced the paper Battery Holder and located it in the bottom right hand corner of the card. I used the handy Craft Stencil and mapped out the location of my Fade Craft Effects Sticker.

From there I drew the negative side of the circuit using a blue pen. The blue line crosses over all 3 of the negative sides of the 3 orange light stickers and into the bottom left hand corner of the Fade Craft Effects Sticker.

Then I drew a red line to indicate the positive side of the circuit. This side of the circuit will start on the inside of the paper battery holder or switch. I also passed this side of the circuit through the bottom right hand corner and out the top of the Fade Craft Effects Sticker.

Next I applied my self-adhesive Battery Holder to the circuit surface. I began to apply the Conductive Fabric Tape to the negative side of the circuit, beginning inside the Battery Holder.

I applied all of the Conductive Fabric Tape to the positive side of the circuit. I began my tape inside the Battery Holder lid. This will allow the tape to make contact with the battery when the lid is pressed down.

I stuck down all 3 of my Orange LED Light Stickers on to my circuit ensuring that all of the negative points of my triangles touched the negative side of the circuit and all the positive tops of the triangles touched the positive side of the circuit. I also adhered my Fade sticker to it's proper location too.

To finish off the inside, I adhered down the C-shaped foam adhesive inside the Battery Holder, added a battery in the center and closed up the battery holder. Don’t forget to test your creation before adhering this closed!

Then I added Foam Tape around the edges of the card, peeled off the backer paper and closed up my card.

Let’s see the finished card all lit up…

Now remember, these goldfish light up and then FADE in and out so you must see this card in action on my Instagram channel, right here!

PLUS you can check out my FULL coloring video over on my YouTube channel.. Click the image below to take you there!

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Hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial! See you again soon!

~ Ally ~

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