Chibitronics ~ Haunted Portraits

Today I'm sharing a light up haunted card featuring Chibitronics products!

I began today's creation by designing the scene using the new digital stamps, "Haunted Portraits" from Sweet November Stamps and also the curtains from "Spring is Back: Background Builder". 

I printed off two copies.  For the top panel, I created a paper mask for the curtains, the portraits and the flooring.  I then created the purple wallpaper using Wilted Violet Distress Oxide as a base color and the a stamped "Filigree Background" from Catherine Pooler Designs using Villainous Potion. 

Once the mask was removed, I colored up the floor.  To create a carpet texture, I soaked a cloth with texture with Blender Solution and dabbed the solution all over the purple Copic floor.

Next I colored in the curtains, the baseboard and the portraits using Copic Markers.

For the circuit, I took the second printed panel and applied to the inside of the card.  I also cut 2 small holes in the front panel of my card so the light would pass through the thick cardstock and just light up the eyes of the man and women.  I adhered the colored panel to front.

Next I mapped out my complete circuit.  I created a circuit element for the location of my battery, I used the Craft Stencil to to trace out the location of my 2 Orange LED Light Stickers and I mapped out the negative (blue) side of the circuit and the positive side of the circuit (red).

Then I used my Conductive Fabric Tape to create my circuit.  I began by creating the negative (blue) side and applying my tape to the template surface.

Then I created a battery housing using 3D foam tape strips.  This locks in the battery so it doesn't relocate itself within the card. Then I create a paper flap, where I wrapped the Conductive Fabric Tape right around the flap, to ensure the battery touches the circuit when depressed.  This becomes a switch.

Then I laid the Conductive Fabric Tape down for the remainder of the positive (red) side of the circuit.

The last thing to do was apply my 2 Orange LED Light Stickers in their places.  These stickers can be found in the Lights Sampler Package (red, orange, blue, yellow, pink, green lights) and also the Pink, Orange Green Megapack of lights.

And here is the finished card.  When the word "SCARE" is depressed on the card front, the eyes of the portraits light up and glow an eerie orange!

We just released a whole bunch of new Light Stickers too!  These light stickers are called ANIMATING Light Stickers and the all have cool functions and light colors:

Our new animating LED stickers are now available in convenient packs of 6 or 24 with the following animation options:

  • Rainbow Fade: LED slowly cycles through the colors of the rainbow
  • Red Fade: Red LED slowly fades in and out
  • White Fade: White LED slowly fades in and out
  • Red/White Fade: Combo pack of our Red Fade and White Fade LED Stickers
  • White Blink: White LED rhythmically blinks on and off

Thanks for joining me today!  Make sure to check out all the Chibitronics projects over on their blog, HERE.

Have a great weekend!

~ Ally ~

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