Home at Last!

Good morning all!

We proceed from Williston, North Dakota yesterday morning and arrived in Lethbridge, Alberta at 4pm.

We got a wonderful surprise when we got there.... Todd came to see us!!!

We said a short but tearful goodbye to Mom as we ended up going home with Todd last night. My Mom flew from Lethbridge to Calgary and then on home this morning. I'm SO thankful we left with Todd when we did.... the roads are scary at night time for a person never been down them before.

We crossed into the mountains as the sun sank behind them and arrived in our new home at 7:30pm.

We living with minimal furnishings and kitchen items as our belongings have to yet to arrive. They may come as early as today but are "supposed" to come tomorrow. It would be nice to have my cooler weather clothes and out regular bed.

Hope you're having a great day!



Jacqueline said...

How exciting! Glad you made it safely.

Heidi Brand said...

So glad that you arrived safely! How sweet of Todd to come and meet you!

Alli Miles said...

Welcome to the province Ally! So glad you made it safe and sound and that your travel days are over for now. I hope you enjoy your new town--perhaps we can meet up in the summer :)

creative said...

How wonderful that you are home now and back together with Todd.

While the roads are creepy now you will come to love the beauty that is around you. (My dad was born in lethbridge.)

You are now living in some of the most beautiful places in Canada.


sylvie said...

You made it! Safe and sound! Try and get some rest even though unpacking is on the program for the next few days... you must have been happy to see your husband again.

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