I'm HOME!!!

Yes.... we made it home... safe and sound! Our honeymoon was certainly eventful to say the least!!

Day two saw a fractured bone in my left hand and 3 dislocated fingers.... OUCH! All caused by the rolling surf!!

Day four I fell on a slippery wet floor and bruised my butt!!! Another ouch.... and all the time doing this with my left hand in a splint!!!

Day 12... Todd was out boggie boarding and got a shiner due to someone's knee hitting him in the eye socket... wowsers!

Just call us the Accident Prone Honeymooners!!

I will aim to get some photos and more details up in the next few days! It's good to be home!!!!


Jacqueline said...

Yeah!!! Glad your home safe and sound.

Heidi Brand said...

Welcome home. Glad you arrived back here safely! Can't wait to see some of the pictures.

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