Daily Routines

Daily routine is something we kind of have in this household but they certainly aren't set in stone!

Typically Spencer gets me up by banging on his door. I get him changed and a bottle and typically get breakfast for the two of us. We spend the morning together and I catch up on my emails and message boards. I will also tidy up the house, pull out stuff for dinner to be thawed and put laundry on to start.

Lunchtime comes and typically we find some quick and easy to munch on.

When Spencer goes down for his nap. I tend to scrap if I have time.

After his nap, we drive into town and get the mail for the day! Between our tenant and I, we get almost a full box everyday.

Once Todd gets home from work, we collectively make dinner, typically something is barbequed by Todd. We tend to eat late and then Spencer goes for his bath and then a book or two. Off to bed for Spencer and then Todd and I catch up for the day. Sometimes I scrap and sometimes I surf the net and sometimes we just sit and watch a movie together!

A long day deserves a nice long sleep... ahhh!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sleep?? You get that?? lol! Just teasing ya!

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