Scrappy Shopping!!

One of my close friend's took me and my son out for lunch today. It's tradition to take each other out for lunch for our birthday's. We typically go to Boston Pizza... it's our one splurge meal of the year. It was delicious!

Just before lunch I took a quick look through our local scrapbook store, The Paper Pickle. I went in looking for some stamps that I need for an up coming contest this summer. I indeed found them but I walked out of the store bearing the NEW stamps made by one of the newest companies to the stamp world, Unity Stamp Company. I can't wait to use this new system... especially the large back ground stamp... YUM!!

The system uses a specifically designed stamping base system... it's an acrylic base with wood sides. They have a series of different sized blocks and their wood stamp system slides into the block base. If you notice in the corner of each stamp there is a letter. These letters correspond to the certain block base they slide in. I can't wait to play!
Happy stamping everyone!


  1. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Oh, you have to tell me the details. I saw this on their site but wasn't sure about getting the whole set... didn't know if I really it, if I can stamp without the wood block.

  2. wow those are so cool!

  3. OMGosh those look so awesome! can't wait to see what you do with them!!!!

  4. How cool! Have fun!

  5. Those looks so neat! Can I come and play?

  6. Happy belated birthday Ally! Sorry I missed it. Hope it was a great day for you! MWAH!

  7. what great stamps... beautiful details and love the background one. I am just getting into stamping and can't wait to go to montreal this summer to hunt in the scrapbooking stores there. We don't have much here where i live and hardly any stamps to find.


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