It's Finally Spring!

So I had a very good friend, Laura (waving wildly!!!) send me an email about a scrapbook call last night. So while the boys were watching tv I sent out 2 emails for card calls to the Ready, Set, Create Ezine and I got an email back about 2 hours later saying that they wanted BOTH of them! How cool is that! Thanks Laura!!

So Todd is off for the weekend since he put in his hours earlier this week so he's up in the loft this morning throwing all the junk to burn down. Can you say HUGE bonfire??? I can't wait to get the loft out so we finish the master bedroom walls and get on with our renovations.

Yesterday Todd was home at 2pm so we loaded up the trailer with our bikes and headed down to Rondeau Park for a bike ride. We even stopped to take a walk on the beach. The temperature was like summer time! Hello Spring!!!

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  1. How cool is that they wanted your things!! Although, I am not surprised, your work is awesome!

    Love that you were able to get out and enjoy the weather yesterday. Does "S" like the bike carrier? Sorry I had to read about this on your blog.


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