Holy SCRAP Batman!!!

Okay..... can I say this has been the COOLEST scrappy day EVER!!!

1. I got a REALLY SPECTACULAR call this morning.... stay tuned for further details on this later! Sorry.... no details!

2. I went to the mail today and I had TWO scrap related goodies in the box! I got my SUPER cool RAK from my scrappy pal Colleen. I had won a RAK from her blog!! How cool... a new tool to play with... a MM Ribbon Curler! THANKS COLLEEN!!! The other package was my published scrapbook page from Scrapbooks and Cards Today! And for submitting my page I got TWO copies of the latest issue of Scrapbook and Cards Today!! YIPPEE!

3. I got a call from a LOCAL fellow scrapbooker! She wanted to know if I'd be interested in organizing a monthly crop in OUR town!!!!! Yippee!!!!

4. Then I found out that my name was drawn to receive a RAK from Wilna's blog, he{art}!!!!

5. I also got my monthly newsletter from Scrapbook Star today and I found out I won their monthly layout contest!!! And my prize was one of their mini May kits..... can you say DROOL!!!

HOLY SCRAP!!! I just can't believe my luck today! I need to buy a lottery ticket... or TWO.... or THREE!!!

So......... to share in my AWESOME LUCKY day today, I'm giving away a copy of the latest Scrapbook and Cards Today magazine along with a bunch of scrapbook related goodies! In order to win, please tell me "What your luckiest day was and why?" in the comments and I'll pick a random winner on Friday.

*** EDITED April 5 ~ I will leave this open until Monday! ***

***Leave me a way to get in contact with you some way as well... a link to your blog or an email or your username on a place where I frequent or something to identify who you are! Thanks!***



  1. Anonymous5:52 PM

    WOW! That is an awesome day! I cant wait to hear your secret news!
    My luckyiest day was definitely the day I found out we got our house. The first time we saw it, we fell in love & knew it was the house for us. While we were signing the paperwork to put in the offer, 2 other offers came in as well. We did the best we could & had to wait 24 hours until our realtor could present to the sellers. I was terrified. When we finally got the call & found out our offer was accepted, I started to cry.
    I now live in the house of my dreams.

    -Lindsay (linnyeg from SS)

  2. Congratulations!! I hate it that you're not telling your spectacular news!! That's mean.

    My luckiest day was the day that I laid eyes on my husband. I knew the moment that I saw him that he was the one. It did take him a while to figure it out, but he came to his senses. We've been together almost 15 years and have been married for 14 years in March.

    Can't wait to hear your news!

  3. My luckiest day was... (okay, this is going to sound weird) the day we found out our second pregnancy was ectopic. God TOTALLY worked out all the details so that completely unplanned my husband was at the doctor's office with me that day and we were able to get a ticket for my mom to fly up the next. That was awesome and gave me such a peace about the whole thing. Wish I hadn't had to go through it, but everything working out the way it did was too lucky to be coincidence and it makes me thankful.

  4. Wow - what an awesome day! Congrats - can't wait to hear the other news!

    I have 2 lucky days when I had my sons. Sung in my best SpongeBob voice "It's the best day ever"!

  5. Holy Scrap Batman is right WOW!!!! That is so awesome Ally!!!!
    That was exciting enough I can't wait to hear the spectacular news you have how much better can it get???? How long do we have to wait?
    Any how I would said recently my luckiest day would have to be this past Saturday when I got to spend the day with my sister and scrap together doing the on-line scrap with all the girls!!! It was my first time doing so and I had a great time.
    I could say there have been alot of lucky days in my life like my kids joining me into this world but this would be the most recent!
    Congrats Ally.

    Anne Marie-SisterBug

  6. holey %$#%$ girl! you weren't kidding when you said it was your lucky day. That's awesome!!! My luckiest Day would have to be 4 days after my son was born. At birth, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and both of his lungs were partially collapsed. The only treatment he needed was 4 days of oxygen via a hood. I feel very lucky and blessed that it was all he needed before we took him home.

  7. WOW!!! What a cool scrappy day! You go girl!!!!!

    My luckiest day...not sure. toss up between meeting my husband or the birth of my daughter!

  8. I think it's awesome you've had such a fab day and what a great way to pay it forward! (But I AM waiting for the rest of the news... secretive aren't you?) My luckiest day was winning a prize package (I bought tickets from my boss for his son's hockey team) that included wine glasses, corkscrew, decanter, $50 gift cert to an awesome restaurant and 2 tickets to see David Cooperfield. THEN I found out the Copperfield show was the night before my birthday; THEN I wanted to buy a 3rd ticket and I knew the show was sold out but my inside voice said to call anyway so I did; THEN I was told they only had single seats left and there was one RIGHT NEXT to the seats I won - so I bought the third ticket and took both my mom and DH to the show and for dinner! It was the BEST day EVER!
    Chris (walkawalkadog - wescrap!)

  9. oh wow, what a great day! how fun for you! I don't think I have any kind of luck that can compare to that. I know it feels really good to get things done and that makes me feel lucky. I also really love mail days. So, I guess the luckiest day I ever had would be the day I found out that I got a two year fellowship in science to do the research that I wanted to do (in education).

  10. That is awesome, Ally! Congrats on all the great news. :)

  11. wow sounds like a fantastic day, my best day ever was the my SIL wedding, i was dreading it, but an hour before the wedding i found out i got the job in Canada and was making my dreams come true!!! And yesterday when i found out about the DT, i almost fell off my seat!!

  12. holy scrap is right! Can't wait for your secret news ...

    My luckiest day (this month) is finding out that we get to go to Hawaii. Doing a big happy dance. Stars aligned and I am going to my dream come true place.

    Of course others include meeting hubby, 2 gorgeous boys and my dog that turned 15 this year.

  13. Wow, That is AWESOME ALLY... can't wait to hear your secret news!!!


  14. Wow, Ally, what an amazing day, I'd say just getting one piece of news would be great, but man.....
    I'd have to say my luckiest day is x's three, each day my children were born, after trying for 7 years to get pregnant we finally were blessed with Child #1, then just like that Child #2 and to our surprise Child #3, so thank you to God for our amazing family.

  15. Congrats Ally - that's so awesome...but I need the DETAILS...I have my guesses though!! :) I am an unlucky person and I can't think of a single thing - how sad is that...but I'm not bitter, I swear :)

  16. Sounds absolutely scrap-o-licious! Congrats on being published again! You know it is so wrong to dangle tidbits of exciting news out there and then make us wait!

    My most exciting day, that is a tough one. I am not sure I could pick just one day. I know getting married in Greece was a pretty exciting time, does that count. The birth of my wonderful children ranks right up there too, and then of course there is my cute little nephew!

    I know you know how to get in touch with me.

  17. WOW, can't wait to hear the major news... you sound so excited!

    My luckiest day? Everyday is a lucky day since my husband recuperated with no sequels from a brain tumor surgery in 2001....

    Sylvie (snowbirds)

  18. wow! lots of good stuff! congrats!
    My luckiest day was recently when my radiologist told me I did not have breast cancer. :)

  19. WOW!! What an awesome day you are having. Can't wait to hear your great news.

    I would have to say my luckiest day was the day I became a mother. I was almost 42 and had been trying since I was 25. We decided on adoption and on a beautiful Spring day, April 20th, they brought me my beautiful baby.

  20. Wow! That's quite a really lucky day!!! Congrats on all! On a scrapping note here are my 2 most luckiest days: A few weeks ago I was selected to be the guest designer on the MM blog (first real break in the industry) and was so happy about it! And prior to Xmas I won some blog candy from Wilna too!!! That's what was really fun and exiting for me in the past weeks/months! I am happy to have cross your path with the comments you left on my blog a few weeks a go and I have been coming and visiting you every day since that! Take care and can wait to hear about your exiting news!

  21. You certainly were having an amazing day!!

    I think my luckiest day was last Friday and Saturday when I got to spend the whole weekend with my sister at the Women of Faith conference. I love that we got to spend time together and laugh and cry all at the same time too.

    ~~Christy -- you know where to find me -- at the Garden. :)

  22. WOOHOOOOO! What a FUN DAY!!!! You have me all intrigued now! I can't wait to find out your secret news! ;) It's gotta be good, and I can't say I'm surprised (whatever it is), because your work rocks, girly! Spill the beans as soon as you can! I can't wait to hear about it! ;)

  23. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Wow, I'm jealous!! Drool, drool!!! This is awesome though... hmm... what's your secret... did you get into another CT/magazine :D

    Can't wait!

    What's my luckiest day? Hmmm... when I met my husband. Ever since then, things have just been great for me.

  24. Holy hell woman! The scrappy gods were looking down on you and decided to rain some scrappy goodness down on you!!! And as usual I hate you for that :P Oh and WOOOOHOOOOOOO less than a week and I get to see you again YAY. We are gonna have a great time...I need it and I know you could use a girls night too!!

    See ya Friday!

  25. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Wow! You really had a Super Lucky Day. Congrats! From what I've seen in the gallery and your blog, I have to say you really deserved it. Congrats again.
    Myra Fiskateer#2638

  26. So my Luckiest day I would say was my trip to Calcutta, India where I met mother Theresa in 2002.

    I must say that this was a special experience that I would like to share with you. She has done so much for others that I was feeling it like a blessing to have the opportunity to meet her; She is such a great Lady.
    I will never fortet this experience as my life has changed since I met her.

    Nathalie Adam


  27. So who won ? the Holy Scrap Batman.


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