I was Tagged!!!

I was tagged by the lovely and extremely talented Julie!! Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog:
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Hmmm... I wonder if I can even come up with seven things?

1. I grew SPACE tomatoes from NASA when I was in grade 8. I was one of a few Canadian students picked to grew tomato seeds and collect data on my plants and send it off to NASA.

2. I was science project geek for all of my elementary school career. I won 4 medals in 5 years of science fairs.

3. I won a scrapbooking contest last year and won $700 to spend strictly on scrappy stuff!! It was like being in heaven!!!

4. I don't like to wear make up. Yup... a girl that doesn't like to wear makeup! It makes me break out.

5. When I worked as a kitchen apprentice before going to chef's school, I made breakfast for Christopher Plummer (the father in Sound of Music).

6. I hate shopping for clothes and shoes!!! Yup... I think the last thing I bought for myself to wear was a T-shirt for Canada Day this past summer. And before that... I can't even remember!!

7. I shave my toes every few days... and my chin for that matter everyday. I have a disease called Hirsutism which causes excessive hair growth in women. I dread going to the pool just cause it takes forever to get ready to go!!!

So now you know all my secrets.... I bet these 7 ladies will share theirs with you! I tag...










  1. I now know more about you Ally.:0. I posted on my blog too.

  2. I love your random facts!! Sorry that you have hair issues too :( That makes my little spider seem not so bad! Thanks for playing :(


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