A Scrappy Slump

What do I do when I'm in a scrappy slump you say? Well I tend to pull out my scrap magazines and needless to say I have a *few*! Hardy-har-har-har!

I love flipping through the pages and being able to get up close and read all about the details. I love seeing all the detail that people add to their pages.

I also tend to wander about my on-line scrap galleries! There are so many wonder and very talented scrappers out there, that I know I'm liable to come accross a page or two to get my mojo going!

What do you do to get your scrappy mojo rolling?


  1. I'm like you Ally! My fav books/mags get a flip as well as some galleries and I often end up doing a challenge or two to get me back on trak! Can't wait to see more of your stuff!

  2. I also love the magazines & inline galleries. I am also a big fan of challenge sites. They get me thinking outside the box & great things usually come of that.


  3. What do I do? I sulk and mope around for a few days, this is usually followed by an intense need to clean and organize my stash, during which I usually find something I totally forgot I had, which makes me want to use it on a LO...and then bang! got my Mojo back


Thanks for brightening my day. I read each and every comment.