Getting Motivated!

I admit it... I am extremely over weight. I need to do some about it! I need some kind of motivator to get myself to eat smaller portions and to get active! I just can't seem to do that for myself but I know if I don't and don't start it soon, it's truly going to impact my health for the long term!

I wish I lived in a town. Then we would have sidewalks and walking would be much, much easier. Living out in the boondocks and only having sloped gravel shoulders on the road does not make for easy walks.

I love going to the park to walk on the trails there but driving 30 mins to go for a walk is a waste of gas in my mind!

I wish I had some friends who lived close by to be able to call up and say "Wanna go for a wak tonight?". Maybe then I would actually get off this addictive computer and get active!

I know! I know! Excuses! Excuses! I always seem to find some other thing on the computer or at my scrap desk to preoccupy my time or grab my attention.

I want to be a better Mom. A healthier Mom. A more attentive Mom. A less frustrated Mom. And I know feeling better will only help that process.

Someone give me a swift kick in the tushie.... would ya???? Please??????


  1. If you read my blog today, it's about the same thing! Let me know if you're looking for an online prod!

  2. Ally! I'm on that train, too. I've only got about 20-ish pounds left to go, but I'm goin at it hard these days. You can do it, and you'll be so proud - we'll be so proud when we do!

  3. we all need motivation..come on over and we'll walk together and boot each other in the bootie!

    Oh and you've been tagged again...check out my blog!

  4. OK, A....I am needing the same kick in the toosh, so I DARE you to exercise more than I am going to this week. And by exercise I mean just out moving. Know that it will be hard for you with it being your wedding week and tons going on BUT I DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehehe. Good luck and let's get moving! Hugs. m

  5. I can really relate to your comments, especially about wanting to be a better mom! I did stick with an exercise program earlier in the year, and lost some weight, but I stopped exercising, and I am really grumpy again!!! So frustrated! Good Luck!! I am proud of you for speaking up too! Take care.

  6. I feel for you!!! I'm in the same boat! I lost 15 pounds at the beginning of the year and found it all again!!! I just can't seem to get motivated either and I too am tired of all my excuses!!! I had to wear my husbands shirt to a crop yesterday because none of mine really fit.! ARGH!!!!!!!! Maybe we should start a tooshie kicking support group! :-)


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