Scrappy Annoucement!!!

Yup.... I was asked to be a guest designer over at Scrapperie! I just can't say enough about the sweet and talented ladies there! I am SO super excited to being joining the team once between now and December! Woohoo!!!

Okay.... on to some more scrappy stuff!!

I am a scrap magazine addict! Yup.... an addict! I sware, if you saw all the mags that are stacked in the bathroom shelf you be amazed to see that they're ALL scrap related!!!! I'd have to say my favourites are the 2 Canadian mags... "Scrapbook and Cards Today" and "Canadian Scrapbooker". It's so cool to know that Canadians are publishing such wonderful magazine especially showcasing our native Canadian talent here!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. First of all, a huge Congrats on the Guest Designer position! very exciting for all of us over there right now! Can't wait to see more of your stuff!

    And I agree about it being great that there is work being done by Cdns and being published! Guess maybe I need to think about subbing a little more again too! hee hee

  2. I'm so very glad to have you and your wonderful talent, Ally! ((hugs))


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