August's Agenda!

Well July is done and gone! It went by SO quickly!

August will certainly be a busy, busy month!

Next weekend's the long weekend here so Todd will have 3 days off! Woohoo! We're planning to go on a few day trips that I think we're both looking forward to. Then on holiday Monday, we're meeting his sister Heidi and our nephew Derrick down at Rondeau Park to do an inprompto photo shoot in preparation for the wedding on the 18th. We want to look around... look for interesting place to take pictures... test the lighting.... that kind of thing! Heidi's photography is amazing and I'm super excited that she'll be taking our wedding photos.

The rest of the month is up in the air right now. No specific plans. Just playing it by ear.

I'm hoping to get a lot of scrapping done... as always! I have joined an amazing site called Scrapperie and I'm hoping to get a lot of pages done with their August challenge of "Scrap a Page a Day".

Happy first day of August everyone!

One last thing... a layout about Spencer's little nose crinkle.....


  1. Glad you've joined us over at Scrapperie! Love the layout and can't wait to see more since you're joining us in the monthly challenge!

  2. Love that layout...good luck on the weekend...I love taking photos out there!!!


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