Howdy November... a Little Late!

Oh goodness me!  I haven’t shared some of November Club Canvo spreads with you yet!  And this Club Canvo month is SO adorable!  I think it’s been one of my most favourite collections for the Canvo yet!

You can check out the pieces of this month’s collection below:

Like all of my other months, I start my month with an introductory page to the month.  So for November, I created a wreath like focal point using some Autumn colors plus I included that sweet adorable scarecrow!!!

Next I always create a monthly calendar.  For November, I decided to the use only one page to put my entire calendar on.  I used some plummy, bluey tones for this page!

And for my first weekly spread, since November only had 2 days in it’s first week, I chose to create an upper focal spread for those first two days of the month.

I think this super cute stamp set would be perfect for cards too!

Thanks for stopping by!  I’d love to hear what your favorite spread so far is this month!

~ Ally ~

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