They Inspire Me!

Today I get to share something a little different.  Two weeks ago, the lovely Julie Koerber from “Out to Impress” honoured me as one of the designers that inspires her!  You can see here original post here. Yup… it truly warmed my heart because if anything I admire her extreme talent double fold!   I’ve had the honour of working with Julie for many years in the stamping industry and she takes the “designer” cake when it comes to unique and beautiful card design.  Her cards always blow me away!  Thanks for the great honour of being on your list of inspirational people Julie!

Julie has asked me to answer a few questions…

1. What am I working on?
Currently I’m working on part 3 of 4 for a sketch class I have designed for StampNation, an online community I so happen to love and feel at home at.  As a card creator, I LOVE the art of sharing and teaching what I know.  Someday, when I have the patience and time, I’d love to get into video tutorials but right now I’m happy as a clam in sharing my skills via photo and word!

2. How does my work differ from the others of its genre?
I have to laugh because as an artist, I jump all over the place when it comes my style of creating.  I find most card makers have a style that they stick to but I do not.  I jump from clean & simple to shabby chic to pile-it-on cards to one layer stamped cards.  Yup… I could be making 3 or 4 different styles of cards in one week or in one day for that matter!  That’s what I love about this industry… you can truly be yourself and experiment!!!

3. Why do I create what I do?
Awww… the best question of all!  I create because I just simply love to create.  Plain and simple.  Give me some inks, some cardstock and my sewing machine and I’m off to the creative races.  Inky fingers are a sign of a good day you know!  I also use it as an outlet for stress.  Having a challenging little boy to deal with and having my husband away at work half the time leads to long, sleepless nights of happy stamping and creating.  I truly love it and wouldn’t have it any other way!

4. How does your creative process work?
Each and every project does begin differently for me.  Sometimes its a piece of clothing on Pinterest that strikes that creative chord.  Sometimes its a cool sketch I see to get me going.  Sometimes its simply the act of wanted to sit down with that new crafting supply that I’ve purchased and just the act of experimentation that begins the process.  Each and every time its different and I like that about stamping and card making.  It can lead you any where.

Now… to the fun part!  Now I get to share with you all a couple of the people that INSPIRE ME!

Friends of Flourishes Photo-Katie SimsKATIE SIMS: Inky Peach Designs

Katie is not only an incredible designer but I have been able to call her friend for a few years now. I can’t tell you how many times I have clicked on her blog to find something that she’s created that takes my breath away!  Literally!!! She has a keen sense of balance, a wonderful sense of colour theory and her attention to detail on her card creations is truly awe inspiring.  I just hope one day to achieve only a small portion of her abundant talent!  I hope to continue to work with Katie long into the future.


I have had the great honour of knowing Catherine for only about eight months or so now but she feels like family.  Catherine is the amazing and exuberant owner & designer for StampNation!  She has been crafting for many, many years and has a great down-to-Earth attitude towards teaching in the stamping and card making industry.  She shares her awesome talents with thousands of viewers on her ever-expanding YouTube channel and blog every week.  I love that she crafts “in the moment” and than she’s not afraid to share her “oopsey” moments with her watchers.  She truly embodies the title of a great educator and mentor!

I hope you too, check out Katie Sims’ and Catherine Pooler’s blogs for some amazing inspiration!  You too will be in awe of both of these great artists.  Thank you ladies for allowing me to honour you today!  It’s truly an honour to work with you both.

~ Ally ~


  1. Ally, you are so sweet...thank you so much! I have so enjoyed getting to know you and having you as an artist at StampNation. We are truly blessed by you.

  2. Oh my goodness, Ally.....what an honor to be featured on your blog here today! I am so flattered and humbled by your kind words and I feel like I could echo your comments right have an amazing talent! What you do with paper and ink is nothing short of stellar and your creativity is off the charts! Combine all of that with your incredibly big heart and giving spirit and that is what makes you the enormously gifted artist that you are. Again, thank you for the honor truly made my day! Big hugs, Ally girl! :)


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