Create for a Cause!!!

Ever wanted to do something great for someone special?  Ever want to use your crafting ability to do that?  Well here's your chance!!!

Catherine, the owner of the Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine paired up with Crafting For a Cure, an amazing charity that SCT has worked alongside with at the Creativ Festival for years this past weekend.  You can read all about the wonderful participants and sponsors did for the Crafting For a Cure charity, HERE. They created more than 200 cards to send to hospitals all over Canada.

In taking with Pamela, the even organizer this past weekend, SCT came up with a new initiative for the magazine...

Here's how it works.  Create a card for a child with an inspirational message (not a 'get well soon' card as sadly, not all the children have a positive outcome), sign your name and send it to our offices with an envelope to:

Scrapbook & Cards Today
Cards for Kids
139 Church Street
Markham, Ontario
L3P 2M2

They will take all these amazing cards and provide them to Crafting For a Cure who will then send them to hospitals across Canada and the US.  Easy right?  Just knowing we've brought a smile to a child facing a difficult time is uplifting.  So let's get to work and see if we can help create 1,000 cards this summer for the cause!

Please take a moment to visit their website and see if there is something you can do too!

~ Ally ~

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