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Here is what I did with my MYSTERY BOX

I began with an idea of creating a little box that my son could have in the back seat of the Jeep that he could have a few car type games in. So this is what I came up with....

Car Fun Box

Stamp sets used: Graphic Borders, Splash Me a Little! alphabets, Neighborhoods)



Then once my box was decorated, I decided to create a few things to put inside.

First I came up with a fun magnetic alphabet board. I took piece of adhesive magnetic paper and applied a sheet of copy paper to its sticky side. Then I stamped the checkerboard edges using the Graphic Borders stamp set. I ten stamped all of my alphabets from the Royal Flush alphabet set. I made duplicates of some of the vowels and some of the more common other letters like "S" & "T".

Next I wanted to come up with a "car bingo" concept so I designed a VERY SIMPLE bingo card that would fit inside my box. "Spencer" is my son's name so that's why it says "Spencer's Car Bingo" on it.

This is where you get to interpret the blocks. Here's just a few ideas for the card above...
  • K - find something that begins with "K"
  • 3 cars - find 3 of something
  • cone - find something you can eat
  • leaf - find something green
  • girl - find a woman or girl
  • J - find something that starts "J"
  • hearts - find a heart shape
  • phone - find a phone
Here's a second bingo card...

Here's how I might interpret this next card...
  • cat - find some kind of animal
  • coffee - find something you drink
  • house - find a white house
  • boat - find something that floats
  • leaf - find something that grows
  • hearts - find 3 of something the same
  • 2 girls - find 2 girls together
  • W - find something that starts with "W"
I hope you have enjoyed my little box of creativity today!

I am the FINAL Mystery Box designer for today.

I sure hope you have enjoyed all the amazing BOX inspiration that the myStamp BOX designers have created for you this weekend! Don’t forget to leave a comment below for a chance to WIN one of our MYSTERY BOX giveaway!



  1. Oh my goodness your son is sure to love this!! How creative!!

  2. Oh brilliant Ally, such a great idea (I may adopt that) and beautiful box.

  3. Genius! My little girl would so love this!!

  4. I love the idea of your mystery box...great for road trips.

  5. Love the checkered border and how it pops against the kraft and red!

  6. the "car fun" idea -- you always come up with the best!!!!
    love the little "neighborhood" stamped detail on the top of the box. cute.

  7. Love your idea for the mystery box....I may have to steal your idea and make one for my niece.

  8. What an awesome idea! This would make a great gift for anyone going on a road trip with kids.

  9. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Oh boy, this is so cool!!! I know I would have loved this as a child!

  10. What a FUN idea!! Love the design and look of the box and the game looks fabulous too!!

  11. love your box, it is the perfect gift for a boy or a girl, and the have fun with it, thank you for this great idea

  12. My son would LOVE this one

  13. Aww, love it Ally!!

  14. Such a great idea, Ally!!

  15. Hi Ally, What a great idea!!! So creative. Love the design and the activities. Hugs, Dawn

  16. that is sooooo cute and what a fun idea!

  17. thank you for the inspiration...this is a great gift box for guy/boy!

  18. Wow, you are soooo creative, what a great idea, your little boy must totally adore you! I think the box looks really cool, love all the black and white.


  19. Great idea for long trips!

  20. What a great idea for a road trip!. love it.

  21. Anonymous4:20 PM

    I love your box - what I great idea for a car trip!

  22. That is such a great idea to keep little ones entertained in the car!!! I may just steal this! :)

  23. Such a fantastic idea! Love this!

  24. Creativity at its best. Love all the variations. TFS

  25. wow..that is kewl chickie! so creative!

  26. That's so very creative!!! Love your game idea!

  27. adorable box with great colour combo. I absolutely love your games! Great inspiration!


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