Want to be the Next Guest Designer?

Mon Ame Memories'
Tour De France Guest Designer Contest
Are you ready to be our Guest Designer for the month of November?

We are looking for someone who is creative, can work with a great monthly kit, can host a challenge, motivate and inspire our community and be able to be an active member of our board.

Welcome to the Tour De France hosted by the Mon Ame Memories Design Team. We will be hosting challenges for you to complete each week. The challenges MUST be completed by the time limit of that particular stage. But we don't want you to get discouraged if you don't make it one week. Perhaps you could have gotten a flat tire or leg cramps on that particular stage. That is okay. We still want you to finish the stage. You will be penalized points for late entries. The total point value will be 1/4 the full amount of points.

The projects will be judged by the design team and will be given a point value. The Top 5 ladies from each week will be assigned a jersey.

#1: Yellow Jersey
#2: Green Jersey
#3: White Jersey
#4: Rainbow Jersey
#5: Red Polka Dot Jersey

The rest of the list will be put into the Peloton. Do not get discouraged if you are put into the Peloton. There will be other ways for you to gain some points throughout the week. Each week we will be having a Time Trial. The Time Trial will be a timed challenge that will be posted on Wednesday. There will be specific rules on what you are to create. The first person to create the challenge will receive bonus points for the next round. Each week we will have a different challenge. They will be difficult and thought-provoking challenges. Each week we can have a different Yellow Jersey rider. You just have to work hard and stay on with the challenges. It is really anyone's race.

During the race you will be asked to be "active" in the forums. We want to see how you are going to handle being a Guest Designer. We want someone who will be a part of our team for November. We don't want a person to just get the kit, create with it, post a challenge and never show up. Being active during the contest will also get you some bonus points. There also might be some RAK's along the way as well.

To sign up for this contest you have to be a member of Mon Ame Memories. Register in the forum and introduce yourself in the "Introductions Forum". You will have to accumulate at least 25 "active" posts before the start of the race which will be Sept 28th at 11:59pm PST. By active we mean actual posts. (not smiley's and/or acronyms) But I am sure you will understand what active means if you are applying for this contest. We will also ask you to post two examples of your work. This has no bearing on who wins. We just want to have you share some of your work with us and also with the community.

Below is a breakdown of the contest week by week.

***Week #1: Sign Up Weeks***
Sept. 15-28
Must be registered for the forum by 11:59pm PST on the 28th with a minimum of 25 "active" posts, an introduction and posted 2 layouts in the gallery

Week #2: Challenge Week
Sept 29-Oct 4
Challenge must be completed by 11:59 PST on Oct 4th
Design Team will judge the entries on Oct 5th
List will be posted Oct 6th w/new challenge

Week #3: Challenge Week
Oct 6-11
Challenge must be completed by 11:59 PST on Oct 11th
Design Team will judge the entries on Oct 12th
List will be posted Oct 13th w/new challenge

Week #4: Challenge Week
Oct 13-18
Challenge must be completed by 11:59 PST on Oct 18th
Design Team will judge the entries on Oct 19th
Top 5 will be posted Oct 20th

Week #5: Top 5 Competition
Oct 20-25
Challenge must be completed by 11:59 PST on the 25th
Design Team will judge entries on 26th

Winner will be posted on the 27th and November kit will be mailed to them. Winner will need to create at least 3 projects with the kit (at least 2 of these should be layouts). There is always enough left over to create more projects, of course, and we would love to see what else you can create with it.

Winner will need to post a challenge during the month of November for our members. Winner will also be asked to be and "active" part of the team for the month of November.

Best of luck to everyone!



  1. WOW! Sounds intense! lol. I'm going to get my feet wet over there and maybe down the road I will try for this. :) When you have time - swing by my blog. I have like 5 posts today - so far!!!

  2. Having a great time at the crop & looking forward to the guest DT competition....


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