A Life Update!

Howdy all! I haven't really had time or the energy to update the blog as much I had hoped to but I just wanted to stop in and tell you where and what we're up to.

My darling husband has found us a home in BC to live in. He took possession of it the day he was offered it so we now have a roof over our head when we arrive out in the Rockies.

Living without my hubby has been harder than expected. Spencer hasn't taken to living without Daddy very well and so life is just rough for us both right now. We will be overjoyed to see Todd when we get to BC.

The moving van packed full of our house hold belongings was supposed to arrive at our new home on Saturday but getting hold of the moving company has been rather exhausting! We were hoping they would arrive on a day when Todd wasn't scheduled for work, for obvious reasons and the company still has to return my calls to see if this indeed is what is due to happen.

My mom, Spencer and I are due to leave next Friday... only 7 days from now on our across the country drive. We are crossing the border and traveling through the States to help cut down on the driving time. The route we are taking is as direct to our new home as we could possibly get.

On Saturday, I am due to teach 2 classes at the Scrapping Bug in Kitchener and Spencer will spend the day with my sister and her boyfriend. I'm looking forward to just plain getting out of the house!!!

Gotta run! Life just seems to be whizzing by and I sure hope this next week speeds by quickly too! Spencer and I anxious to see Todd and we just need to be together as a family... and soon!



  1. Been missing your posts but knew you were busy. What an exciting, and busy, time! Wishing you all the best in your move.

  2. I am glad things are falling into place...I hope you get in contact with your moving company soon!

    Will miss our Wednesdays!

    Take care and drive safe my friend!

  3. yay!! only a little while longer and you'll be closer to me!! :) The girls from Sparwood are actually down here right now for the weekend. :) Have a safe drive!! (are you coming through Montana at all??)

  4. It's hard when one of you isn't there. Here's hoping the time will fly and you will have a safe trip! Hugs!


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