Big Plans Ahead!!

We have found out in the past week that my hubby was hired on to a new FT position.... except it's 3300km away from home! Yup... the Israels family is moving to British Columbia!

We found out late last week that Todd was hired on to work in the 2nd largest coal mine in the world. He has to be in BC to start his new job on the 22nd and he's driving out so he has to leave ahead of time.

He's a shot of the area where he will be working....

It's nestled in the Rockies mountains in the South Eastern corner of BC. the above little town in Elkford.

We will most likely live in the larger town below Elkford, Sparwood. It's home to the largest truck in the world!!

That little person standing next to the wheel is my husband!!!!

Spencer and I will be staying behind for a few weeks while Todd looks for a place to live and then we will join him in October.

Wish us luck!



  1. wow Ally, that is a huge move- best of luck, it looks beautiful!!

  2. Spencer is going to be in heaven with a truck that big!!!

  3. OMG that truck is a monster! Good luck with the move.

  4. oh how exciting.. I remember those big tonka trucks.. my Daddy used to fix them back in his day. Awesome toys to play with too. Hope the move goes well.


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