I received an email yesterday from Canadian Scrapbooker. They are going to print one of my pages that I did with my wedding photos in their Summer issue! My sister-in-law Heidi took all the photos for it and they're gorgeous! Yippee! It's my first time being published in Canadian Scrapbooker! I'm so excited!

If you'd like to look at some of Heidi's photography, check out her blog, Heidi Brand Photography!

Thanks Heidi! Couldn't have done it without ya!


  1. Wahooo!!!! Congratulations! I'm not thet least bit surprised. Actually, I'm surprised you haven't been published before.

  2. Congrats... Can't wait to see it. Do you know which issue it will be in so that I can be on the lookout!!

    I checked out Heidi's blog... what awesome work. You are so lucky to have a photographer in the family!!


  3. Heck ya! Congratulations, Allison! Can't say I'm surprised, all of your work is so AMAZING! :) Everytime I look at something you do, I think, OH COOL! Why didn't I think of that!?! ;)

    To respond to your question on my blog :) . . . it is the paper ribbon by K&Co. See ya later!

  4. Awe thanks Ally! Congrats to you, I am very excited for you, you did an awesome job scrapping the photos so it is great that it is going to be published.

  5. Woohoo!!! That's awesome!! I can't wait for the summer issue to come out I know tons of people with layouts in it!! Going to be a rockin' magazine!!! :)


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