Blog Hopping Again!

Lately I have been blog hopping. I've been enjoying reading a whole slew of new and fun stuff!

Tonight I came across this one and just HAD to share it with you!

How Sweet It Is....

Read her first post! All I can say is... "Can he teach my husband about these type things?"


  1. oh my gosh, YOU are soosooo sweet! thanks for the love =)

    YOur pages are out of this world!! dang, you are so amazingly talented. I totally love your style.
    and you mentioned SO.. whatz your username??
    Can't wait to see more.
    ok, to add you to my blog list?
    thanks again for the sweet shout out!! =)

  2. What a great story eh?!

  3. omg...what an amazing story. *sigh* I wish my husband was so thoughtful and romantic...but yeah...he's. just. not. :)

  4. OK, that is the sweetest thing!


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