My buddy Tara and I run a blog called Creative Crafts and Stickers Blog! Each day one of us post either a challenge, a sketch, some scrapbook related tutorials or other scrapbooking related information.

Each month we offer a prize drawing to everyone who participates on the blog! We'd love to have you participate too! Check out the blog link here. The prize is always a great one! Last month's winner won a whole pile of Valentine's Day themed patterned paper, some Making Memories gems and some cool metal art pieces!

All you have to do is link your blog address with your completed challenge to the blog challenge, or send your scrapbooking tip or send a picture of your completed page to Tara at . As simple as that!

We'd love to see you come out and participate!

~ Ally ~

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  1. Yay! A new place to check out! Of course I'll stop by! :)


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