Cropping Fun!

I have been spending my weekend over at iScrap and they're having a wonderfully fun crop this weekend!

One of the challenges is a blog challenge where we have answer the questions below... here goes!

The Power of 5

1. Five things I can’t scrapbook without: cardstock, patterned papers, my paper trimmer, my Scotch ATG adhesive gun and my ruler!
2. Five places I have traveled to most recently: post office, grocery store, local scrap store, dollar store, Canadian Tire
3. Five things I watch on TV: Friends, Holmes on Homes, CSI, Everyone Loves Raymond, Sex in the City
4. Five foods I can’t stand: brussel sprouts, blue cheese, turnip, diet colas,chili from a can
5. Five reasons to visit iScrap!: fun games, great gallery for inspiration, fun group of creative people, there's a crop there this weekend & just to have FUN!


  1. I shouldn't have been so hard on myself on the travel question, I thought too hard. LOL
    I don't like the food you listed either! Which is funny, because I couldn't think of more than 3 for a long time, heehee
    (AmandaSparrow on iScrap)

  2. Great answers! I didn't go anywhere exciting recently either!


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