365 Days of Photographs!

Yup... on CCAS, Jen has challenged us to take one picture each day. So I'm going to use my blog to keep track of all my photos. Maybe these will give you a little more insite into my everyday life too! Enjoy!

January 1st
This my DH and I goofin' around on New Year's. I was trying to get a good picture of just the 2 of us and he had other ideas! He was licking my nose, rolling his eyes and just generally goofin' off! This was the best I could get!

January 2nd

I was scheduled to go to a crop in London but the weather had other ideas! Needless to say I never made it and after packing all my scrap supplies in my travel case, I spent the next morning unpacking them all again!

January 3rd

We moved all the living room furniture into the new living room space where we finally have some windows. I caught DS today enjoying the warmth of the sunlight coming into the window!

January 4th

This morning as I woke up and looked out the front door, I saw the most beautifulpink sunrise and couldn't help but grab the camera and my winter jacket and slip outside! What a glorious place we live in!

January 5th

DS and I were playing around in the large space left in the old living room area and I captured some cute pictures of him in one of his new Christmas outfits! What a sweet face... too bad he wears his devil horns more often!

January 6th

After a 3 day weekend of scrapping, this was the picture of my scrap area. What a mess! It hasn't been this messy for a long time! But I had fun and got lots of pages done... I guess that's what really counts!

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