'Tis the Season...

'Tis the season.... to decorate for the holidays!

I used to love to decorate for all the seasonal holdays at home. I always put a fall themed wreath on the door for Thanksgiving, lots of cool Hallowe'en decorations up and of course Christmas lights and garland outside.

But for some reason, when I moved here, I stopped. I'm not 100% sure why but it's probably because the house really didn't look like a house and I almost never had (or wanted) guests and I was busy being a new Mom.

Now I don't decorate because my little monster of a son would probably wreck it all within the first few days of it being put up. I think this year, I will do the same.... the decorations will stay in their boxes! Oh well! Maybe next year!!!

I did how ever make some Thanksgiving cards to send out to my immediate family....


  1. You cards are gorgeous and I'm sure your family will love getting them. I know what you mean about decorating issues when you have little ones too! I'm sure Christmas will be interesting this year with Nathan and the tree considering he likes to climb on everything...

  2. These are lovely.

  3. So which one is mine????

  4. melody4:34 PM

    beautiful cards there chickie..


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