My Scrappy Dream and A Blog Candy Winner!

I sure hope you all had a great and creative filled weekend this past couple of days. I know I did! I was hopping all over cyber space.

Don't forget to check out the CCAS Blog or the ISA, we're still scrapping until tonight.

I was up late the last two nights flipping from YouTube scrappy video to scrappy video. I've been watching a lot of stamping and card making videos using lots of wood mounted stamps. And I think I over did it! You see I "dream scrapped" last night.... yup..... am I the only one to do this????

The basis of my dream was that you had to create a stamped card to get in the door of this amusement park. My DH and DS were with me and for some reason got in the door without incident. Me, on the other hand, the card hostess was giving me lots more things to add to my card, more than anyone else, before I could enter the amusement park! She kept making me add stamped polka dots to my card, one by one and I was getting frustrated that I couldn't get it done. I could see my family on the other side of the glass having fun without me. I finally stood up and told her, "Wood mounted stamps suck and this is why I use clear acrylic stamps! You can SEE what you're doing!!"

Okay..... seriously!!! No more YouTube at 2 in the morning for me! WEIRD DREAM!!! LOL!!!!

And now..... the news you have all been waiting for...... my NSD blog candy winner.......


The winner is.......

That means.... the lucky winner is REDMOM..... Lisa!!!! Congrats Lisa!!!

I won't be able to send your goodies right away, they have to be shipped here first! But I will make it worth your while! I promise!!!


  1. OMG you just totaly made my Monday!!! Thank you!! I know where to find you I'll send you a PM with my addy. :0) Yay!

  2. LOL! Totally cracking up at your dream, Ally! :D LOVE IT! I've mulled over design decisions in my dream, planning layouts and such . . . but nothing as intense as yours! ;) Have a great week! Jana


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