One Tough Week!

Most of you don't know but I had minor day surgery on Monday so my DS went to my sister-in-law Heidi's house for about 4 days so I could recover. She has some sweet photos of the adventurous 4 days on her blog!

Monday started off by dropping off DS and then going to the hospital for day surgery. Surgery went well except for a minor glitch coming out of the sedative. I was in extreme pain the whole night. Thank goodness for good drugs!

Tuesday was a sleepy day. The pain pills they gave me didn't act on the pain at all but made me at least drowsy and tired enough to sleep on and off. My neighbour made me a chicken soup lunch.

Wednesday was more of the same... rest, watch tv and sleep on and off. I got up and created one page that I had to get done for a crop example. We'd had a snow storm over night so I attempted to get the tractor started and clear the driveway... no such luck! Should never have attempted it! SO sore later than night! BIG MISTAKE!!

Thursday... was feeling a little better. Did some minor chores around the house and prepared for DS to come home with DH. Still sore.... slept on the couch so I was at least comfortable for the third night in a row!

Friday.... DS was finally home. He played while I took it easy all day. My pain was still present! Got a call from my parents from Spain! Was good to hear their voices! They will be back in a week!

Saturday.... DH went to work knowing that we were going to get hit with a HUGE snow storm... he went any way. He ended up coming home early with all the equipment in his car that he was working on. He took 1.25 hours to drive home.... usually takes him 35 mins. DS woke up with a ROARING fever.... yikes! Sick little boy indeed! He curled up on the couch and snoozed while I did some computer and layout work. The owner of the carwash next door came at midnight and plowed our driveway! Thank goodness! The most snow I've seen here since I moved here in 2005.

Today.... still feeling not quite right today. I think it's a bladder infection not cleared up before surgery. DS was feeling a little better and more like him self today. He played around the house while DH worked on his panel for work and I took it easy. Did some crop stalking over at iScrap!

Here's a picture of DH out clearing the driveway this morning.... BRRRR!!!!

Hope your week was better than mine!

~ Ally ~


  1. oh ally! I hope next week is better than this week!

  2. Yikes Ally! Hope you really do start feeling better and that things warm up for you guys! Your SIL got some great pics!!

  3. Anonymous7:41 AM

    I hope you're feeling better!! I didn't know about your surgery until but maybe this might make you feel good today... check out my blog, I've nominated you :D

    Oh, you don't have the option to use just the name and URL in your publishing identity... my blog is

  4. Aww Ally! I didn't know! Hope you're feeling better now!! *hugs* to you!


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