I'm Miserable!

My parents have my little boy and my hubby is far away on a job site and has been since Friday morning and I miss them terribly.

I just wish at least my husband would come home. He missed the whole entire Easter weekend. He missed our son's first official Easter egg hunt. I literally haven't seen him for about 2.5 weeks! I miss having him at home and knowing that's he safe. We have attempted to use our Skype and MSN Messenger but the connection has been really crappy so all I get is a few words and then static and then a dropped call. Messenger isn't any better! I'm miserable!

I miss the noise! I miss tripping over toys! I miss the dirty faces! I miss the good night kisses! I wish my boys were home!

I'm just plain miserable! I'm off to bed to read. Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight.


  1. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Hope your boys come home soon!!! I know how it feels when the hubby's gone (military). Not fun!


  2. It's funny how when the house is full and crazy, we imagine how great it would be to have some alone time, but once we have more than a little of it, we want the chaos of everyday life back! Try and enjoy the little time you have left to yourself and scrap your heart out girl!

  3. awww, sorry to hear you are missing your boys Ally. When does your hubby come home?

    Here is something to keep you busy- you've been tagged!!! :)
    See my blog for details: www.jessicaacs.com

  4. I'm sorry you're miserable Ally!! Hope they both come home soon.

  5. oh Ally....you poor thing! I can ship my kids to ya for a bit if it would help. :)


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