A Few Honeymoon Photos

This the reason why we picked Caberete, Dominican Republic.... the kiting!!

One of our honeymoon highlights was visiting Ocean World. We were able to participate in feeding, petting and swimming with some of their animals. This photo is of Todd and I with a Nerf Shark named Flipper.

This is the two of us feeding the sting-rays.

This is Todd and I on our last day in the Dominican. Notice Todd's shiner??? Nope... I didn't give it to him..... hahaha... he got tossed around in the surf boogie boarding and someone's knee hit him in the eye! Nice eh?

We had a great time!!! Sometime we hope to return... hopefully to more wind!!!!


  1. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Love the photos...


  2. I love the first photo! So you!!! Great pictures!

  3. Samantha2:35 PM

    Oooh looks like you guys had a blast (minus the injuries) ;)

  4. Love the photos!! Especially the one in the sand - I wish I would have done that!!


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