School Memories

I do remember a lot of my childhood memories but I don't have any specfic memories of the first day of school.

I do remember riding the school every morning and all the way home at night. My sister and I always stood waiting for the bus with our neighbours, Steve and Jen. Typically Steve would be climbing the trees and goofing around while us girls stood and chatted.
The picture below was taken when I was entering grade 4, my sister and Jen were entering grade 2 and Stephen was entering Kindergarten! (Photo: left to right: Jen, my sister Christie, me and Steve)

Jen and Steve are both like family to me. Steve is married to an awesome girl, Kelly (in dark purple) and Jen (in red) is now my son's Godmommy. They both attended my wedding a few weeks ago. I'm very lucky to have this special people in my life!

So many memories of the 4 of us. Too bad my sister's missing from the photo!


  1. Oh I love this post! What a great thing to have pics from your wedding, almost matching that from all those years ago!

  2. This is too funny that the picture almost matches. If I had know we could have taken the same picture.


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