“Wild Cards: 21 Techniques with Favorite Supplies” Review

I was given an opportunity to check out a brand new class from Craftsy this week called “Wild Cards: 21 Techniques with Favorite Supplies” hosted by Catherine Pooler.

So here’s a review of the class for those of you who are interested.

First of all, if you are new Craftsy, it’s a pretty cool place for those people who like to craft.  It offers numerous on-line classes for not only paper crafters but for people that crochet, knit, quilt, sew and much, much more.  It offers a variety of beginner, intermediate and advanced style courses of many kinds. It’s a great place to learn a new skill or brush up on an old one!

Instruction:  I have to say, Catherine Pooler, is just one of those people who could put a smile on anyone’s face.  She is real and funny and a great teacher.  She is concise in her teacher skills but admits to her failures (as we all have experienced in paper crafting).  She was upbeat and positive and was willing to laugh along with herself.  A fine teacher for sure.

Lessons:  The on-line class, “Wild Cards: 21 Techniques with Favorite Supplies”, is split into 7 lessons.  Each lesson is further split into mini lessons and each step of the video is clearly split into its subsequent class techniques. There is a lot more than 21 techniques in this class!!!

Some of the lessons include how to:
  • heat emboss
  • use a stencil
  • use embossing paste
  • second generation stamp
  • and much, much more!
Some of the products that are highlighted include:
  • Versamark, dye, distress and pigment inks
  • die cutting tools & Stick It Paper
  • glossy accents & stencils
  • and a new product called Ferro Paste, plus many more!
The on-line forum allows you to watch the lessons as your own pace and stop and review videos at any point.  It even has a 30-second review feature when you may want create along with the video or are making notes.

Questions & Feedback:  If you have questions, there is a forum specific to each lesson to ask away and you can also review what other people have asked as well.  You can get feedback from not only the instructor but your classmates too!

You can also share your projects for a quick critique in the classes’ gallery. See how other have interpreted the lessons and see what kind of cool stamps and inks everyone else is created with. 

Cost:  This course is originally priced at $30.76 and even without the discount right now ($15.37) I think it is still worth the money to view all the fun techniques Catherine shares in her videos.  I'm sure most seasoned paper crafters would learn something new.

Conclusion:  Overall, this class is fantastic!  It’s well worth the money spent especially if you are relatively new to stamping and need a few ideas as what products to purchase first and how you might use them.  Catherine is a fun and up-beat instructor and makes each technique look easy and fun to try.  I give this class 5 thumbs up out of five!

If you’d like to purchase this Craftsy class, click here for a 50% discount! Woohoo!!!

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