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Wow… I feel like it’s been weeks since I created and even longer since I last shared here.

It’s been a really rough last few weeks for me.  Almost 2 weeks again, I had what I thought was an allergy attack one evening.  I took some medication and went to bed.   When I woke up the next morning, I felt worse.  My husband had already left for the city for work and I had no other drivable vehicle.  I texted my neighbour and she quickly took me into the hospital as soon as my son was on the school bus.  After being at the hospital for 2.5 hours and after lots of blood work and a chest x-ray, they diagnosed me with a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lung).  They immediately gave me a big dose of blood thinners and sent me by ambulance to Calgary for a CT Scan.  The first hospital we arrived at, all of their CT Scanners were down so the EMTs took me across town and to another hospital.  I was in the machine within 4 minutes of arrival and the scan took less then 10 minutes! It only took the physician about 10 minutes to read the scan and so they sent me back to my hometown hospital.  The scan revealed that the blood thinners had done their job and the clot was gone. Whew!  They discharged me to go home (only 7.5 hours total from admission to discharge!) with a puffer and some other steroids for my lungs. I’m not totally feeling back to normal quite yet… my breathing is fine, I just feel run-down and tired.  

Now that you’ve heard my sob story, this week’s challenge over at StampNation is all about corners…

The full card is revealed at StampNation! 

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Thanks for stopping in!

~ Ally ~


  1. Oh, Ally, I am so glad to hear that the blood clot is gone! Been praying for you and praise God for His healing hand on you and for all those who were there for you! Yes, you must be tired, so don't over do!! So glad you are back to creating again. Hugs!

  2. Dear Ally, you had quite an experience. I can see that the Lord was protecting you through all this and I give Praises to Him for His loving care and positive outcome. Relax now and give yourself a chance to fully rest. Much Love to you.......

  3. Oh Ally, I am so so glad to know that you're all right. It's terribly scary and I'm sure you were even more so since I'm sure your husband wasn't there at first. Do they have any idea how you got the embolism in the first place? To be honest, you probably should be taking some more time off...I will put you at the front of my prayers tonight and every night. Feel better!


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