Have you seen it!! The BasicGrey gallery has returned!

I swear, when they went to their new website , the gallery was the one place about the new site that I missed the most!

I was so happy to hear about the new addition that I went straight away and submitted a whole bunch of creations right away.

I was THRILLED beyond belief to discover not only did they except SEVEN of my creations...

...but they also had FOUR of them as part of their FEATURED creations posted at the top of the gallery!

Both the right and side and the left side are mine above.
This is another one... Crumbs.

And they even accepted a card too!

Gotta say... I do love my BasicGrey! Make sure you check out their new gallery function! It's super easy to submit too!


  1. Congrats. Good to know they've got their gallery back up.

  2. Congrats!! That's awesome!

  3. CONGRATS CHICKIE! well deserved ~ you've work is amazing! oh........and WUV that hummingbird card..beautiful!


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